Experience Excellence at frankie & george

Fresh, Health, Seasonal Breakfast & Lunch. Quality Coffee.

The hotel now hosts Brisbane's own frankie & george, ranked in the 10 top breakfasts for Brisbane CBD by the Urban List.

frankie & george opened their doors in 2017 with the simple mission of providing fast, quality and consistent speciality coffee.  In the years since then they have created a neighbour of George street with their freidnly service and dedication to excelence.  In April 2024 they expanded into the George Williams Hotel, the new space is quicly becoming a favourite meet up for the George street locals.

Open 6:00am until 8:30pm Monday to Saturday - 6:30am until 12:00pm Sunday and Public Holiday.


Best Breakfast


A fresh and balanced menu created by a nutritionist and chef duo who are driven to incorporate high quality produce and utilise renowned suppliers in their menu.



Their baristas have a pallet for quality and a desire to ensure consistent quality.  Single O provides the house blend Killer Bee, in addition to single origins that are sourced from a handful of Australian roasters.



They engage in sustainable and ethical practises, through vigilant selection of environmentally conscious suppliers as we as utilisation of recycling, composting and exclusively using environmentally friendly packaging